Flirty daiquiri, cool mojito or luxurious cosmopolitan? Find out what your favorite cocktail says about you as a person!

1. Classic Mojito

You are party classic - without you there truly can't be no party. You're cool and calm - you can get along with anyone, find something in common with everyone - you are not looking for any trouble, just a good time.

2. Sangria

There's a little bit of a strong, hot South blood in your veins - it's not a real party without dancing til dawn! Sometimes you get into a small argument with someone new to the group, but after a good talk, you'll understand that you have a lot in common and most importantly - you both just want to have the most fun ever!

3. Piña Colada

You like to chill and lay low - all you need are your closest buddies, lazy chats on a porch or better yet - the beach! You always think things through and don't try to prove anything you're not.

4. Cosmopolitan

You're a real lady/gentleman. You enjoy classic high fashion values as well as exclusivity. Parties aren't just for seeing old friends, but also a good reason to dress up fancy!

5. Hot Cocktails

Summer is alright, but it's not your favorite season, as well as loud and crowded events. You would rather meet up your closest people in a cozy environment without loud noises - otherwise, you can't even hear what the other person is saying! Better yet - do this during autumn, in a cozy cafe or restaurant with a cup of steaming drink.

6. Berry Mojito

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You are a creative spirit. Your life motto is: "Classic is ok. But I have something better in mind". Which is why you always try to improve old things with a fresh sparkle.

7. Cherry Spritz

You love to be mysterious - there's always something no one knows about you. But hey, life is far more interesting that way!

8. Raspberry Daiquiri

You are a true goddess. There ain't no party without your besties, cute dresses and the perfect shoes to match! And of course, there always has to be a relaxing detox SPA treatment and brunch the next morning.

9. Breakfast Martini

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Weekends are your time to shine - you always have something planned. It's the perfect time to catch up with friends on late breakfast, treat yourself at a SPA and go to the beach!

10. Non-alcoholic cocktails

For your relaxation to be perfect you need very little. You don't need elaborate events and fancy clothes. Sometimes even the location doesn't matter. Your priority is your family and loved ones - everything else is secondary and will work itself out on its own.

At our bar Seaside, you will find only these but many other delicious cocktails. See you at Hotel Jurmala SPA 11th floor!